Introduction to the Archipelago

The Archipelago is a group of islands, each with their own unique atmosphere, traditions, inhabitants, religions and history. What binds these islands together is their geographical location in the Archipelagan Sea.

The mud is set in roughly the medieval period, so warriors carry swords and wear armour, there is little advanced technology, and the people lead relatively simple lives.

However, there are many races in the Archipelago, and some of these have developed their own abilities. Magic is a strong force and the inhabitants live close to their Gods and Goddesses.


The Archipelago MUD caters for a wide range of player interests. Some players may wish to join a guild and learn the skills and abilities taught there, others may prefer to explore. Players may chose to learn crafts, sail, or become merchants.

Players may chose to enter combat against non-player characters (npcs) for a variety of reasons, perhaps to hone their skills, kill a menace, or skin the corpse. Combat against other players is also available for those registered for it. There are also a large number of ways to help the inhabitants and solve puzzles and quests.

How to get started
All players being on the island of Sumeria. This is a relatively small island, with a single town. The townspeople make most of their income from fishing, though a few run shops and market stalls or carry out other jobs in the town. To the west of the town is an area of grassland, whilst further north is a farm. The north of the island is covered in woodland.

The only guild on this island is the Adventurers Guild which teaches its members some basic skills and abilities to help them start on their career. Once players leave Sumeria then they can transfer to more specialised guilds.

If you wish to train up your combat skills, then the best place to start is in the grasslands to the west of the town as the townspeople have become quite skilled at dealing with young Adventurers over the years.

You will have to work for any money you require - ask the town scribe, market stallholders and other citizens if they have a job for you, skin corpses and sell the pelts, perhaps catch a few fish and sell them to the fishmonger.

Keep your eyes and ears open as you travel around the island and you will soon find puzzles and quests to solve.

Other help

Archipelago has a small, but fast growing help system, so try typing "help <subject>". If the information you are seeking is not there, then please use either the newbie channel or approach a creator directly.